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That’s right, free.

InductiveHealth understands the various challenges in configuring, testing, and evaluating new versions of the NBS and supporting software.  This is particularly true with the new STD features present in NBS 4.6+.  To assist states and jurisdictions in evaluating and testing these options, InductiveHealth is offering free, dedicated virtual machine instances of the NBS and supporting software to current and potential NBS users.

These instances can be utilized for:

  • Testing ELR feeds against the new NBS versions
  • Practicing upgrade procedures on a ‘throwaway’ installation
  • Validating configuration changes
  • Testing various NBS upgrade versions against your NBS configuration (requires a Data Use Agreement)
  • … and many others.

This offering is hosted on our secure private cloud virtualization platform, allowing for easy system snapshots, restores, and backups.  It is the perfect way to try out a part of our full Production Hosting and Support offering.

To learn more and to request your evaluation instance, please contact us at