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The only integrated solution for multi-system surveillance and collaborative team management for public health analysis.


Centralize Public Health Systems, Data, and Teams Into One Environment

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Consolidated Integrations

Access multiple surveillance systems including NBS, EpiTrax™, and ESSENCE, and export data via built-in integrations such as RStudio from a single interface.

Insights Portal

Single Point of Access

Provide secure user management through SSO and MFA. Access data audit trails in one collaborative portal for security and compliance monitoring.

Insights Portal

Out-of-Box Insights

Empower users with pre-configured reporting and quick search features to achieve public health insights quickly.

A Fully Configured Surveillance Management System With Ongoing Support

Architected With Pandemic Experience

Improved Data Ingestion & Interoperability

Get to Insights Quicker

Achieve More Organized Workflows

A Truly Integrated Analytics and Visualization System


Automated Data Integration:

Seamlessly ingest ELR and eCR data in real-time from multiple sources into a single interface, eliminating manual data manipulation.


Elegant Visualization:

Produce high-quality, stakeholder-appropriate
visualizations to support decision-making processes.


Customized Reporting:

Save time with favorited dashboards applying custom stratification tailored to your team’s needs for continuous surveillance.