InductiveHealth is the premier implementer of the NEDSS Base System (NBS) with more than a dozen successful jurisdictional implementations.  For over 10 years, we have provided deployment, upgrades, support, and hosting of the NBS for state and territorial public health agencies. 

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The Government-Supported Standard of EDSS


Decades of NBS Expertise

Over a decade of NBS support and a key technology provider during the COVID-19 pandemic supporting efficient ELR processing, data migrations, and Page Builder expertise.


NBS 7.0 & Data Modernization

Partnered with the CDC to prepare for a future NBS vision and readying state jurisdictions for the upcoming version 7.0 upgrade to provide a seamless transition from legacy environments.


The CDC Standard Solution

Ensuring departments are sending timely and accurate data to CDC via the latest notification standards including GenV2, condition-specific MMGs, NETSS, NEDSS, etc., while providing easier integration with AIMS Hub and other government reporing tools.

The Most Trusted Partner for NBS Solutions & Support

Supporting More NBS Implementations Than Any Other Provider

The Foundation for Processing Electronic Data Ingestion

Expertise in Key Solutions Built to Enhance NBS

Integration With Syndromic Data